Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Red-Tailed Hawk

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I stopped to look for the red-tailed hawk (really a Red-Shouldered Hawk) this morning and was able to spot him and get a few pics.  This is the best and is cropped very small.

The Yoshino Cherry trees are blooming now.  I sure hope I can catch some butterflies on them over the next week.

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I worked with Joey last night to complete an extra credit science project.  The assignment was fairly flexible and instructed the kids to create a solar system.  Joey ended up designing his own solar system and planet names and then adding in size, position, moon numbers, and temperature to each.  Johnny of course not wanting to be left out designed his own solar system too. Wow!  Both boys took their projects in to Joey's teacher this morning.  I didn't get to see, but I know Ms. Miller was smiling.

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Note:  Don't worry too much about Johnny's eye patch.  We are just exercising the muscles in the unpatched eye.  That eye tends to wander outwards.

While there was sun for a few minutes this AM, it's overcast and raining now.  There are so many photo ops out there and just the wrong lighting.  I noticed last night that my pussy willow tree is blooming.  I hope I can get some shots of it.

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