Friday, December 2, 2011

Some Enchanted Forest

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Yes, THAT song was playing through my head when I thought up that title.  I'm taking various routes to/from Donnie's house, and yesterday I decided it was THE day to stop and finally get a picture of this tree.  I've been admiring it for some time and have never had the time or the motivation to park and walk back to it.  It was 39 degrees with 5-10mph winds when I took these shots, and I wondered as I walked along the side of the road if today really should have been THE day:-)  What we do for our pictures sometime.

I had such a tough time choosing between the one I posted for my daily and the following two shots.

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What I really wanted to do was get out and move the tree and rolling hills another 30 feet to the left in the frame so that things were spaced out better in the shot.  Can't do that, so I tried shots from 3 different fence posts and both vertical and horizontal on each post and then picked these views to process with the far right fence post showing the rolling hills the best in my opinion.

Just to show you how dramatically different you can process a shot, I pp'ed the tree in B&W too.

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I thought the tonal range in the shot itself was too even to be good.  I just have not mastered how to selectively darken areas of a photo yet to increase the drama.

This is the view on the other side of the road.

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One last shot, well a collage, to share with you.  On my favorite John Adams Road, the fields are all a beautiful green now.  I thought I'd pass on that bright color to you!

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There is one other shot that I took at yet another location yesterday that I really like that I'm going to hold on to for another day:-)

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