Monday, November 28, 2011

Madi in Pink

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I got a chance to spend a few minutes with Madi yesterday while Donnie and her dad, Danny, worked on Danny's lawnmower.  Something to do with the carburetor.  Us girls took a short walk around her yard and then mine.  Of course, I ended up taking a few pictures.  Madi was so cute in her pink sequin top!  Maybe cute isn't the right word.  It's more like 8 going on 18 grown-up!  I pp'ed my favorite of the shots, and that's my POTD.  Some of you will remember this tree in my yard from previous photo shoots of the kids.  7 trunks from one base.  Just a gorgeous red oak.  Usually if I ask the kids to get in the middle of it for a picture they are eager.

I had already taken some pink shots before I saw Madi.  My neighbor, Judy, has a very nice pond out near the street in her front yard, and there's a beautiful sasanqua camellia just beside it.  As the petals fall off the blooms, some of them end up in the pond making for some very pretty photo ops.

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Judy also has a beautiful landscaped bench area beside her driveway.

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A special thanks goes out to Judy for all the meals she has sent over in the past two weeks.  I keep saying that no one is ever going to want to eat my cooking again because her food tastes so good.

The bluebirds were active in Madi's yard today too.  I got several shots of them frolicking in the water.  This is the best but highly cropped.

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I also saw this female red-bellied woodpecker at my feeders today.  This shot is also cropped to show you the detail.

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One more shot today showing the dazzling grasses growing in the Kidd Family garden.  I worked to get the leaves of the oak tree just behind the grasses to make pretty bokeh.  The grasses were really swaying in the breeze, so most of the shots were throw-aways.

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I'm sorry to see our gorgeous 70 degree and partly sunny weekend come to an end.  On the other hand, the doctor will be removing an annoying drainage tube that I've had in place for over two weeks now since the surgery.  I can't wait!  It's gotten so uncomfortable!

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