Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sky Portal

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I didn't get to take too many pictures yesterday.  It ended up being a day to get some chores done and run a few errands.  My daily shot came from the creek in Donnie's front yard.  I was hoping to get a glimpse of the deer that come through sometimes, but I didn't see them yesterday.  Instead I got this neat sky reflection picture down in the creek with a hint of the pretty ferns that are on the banks and some cool leaves floating in the water.  I sort of see the sky as some sort of portal or dream scene.  Not one of my best, but I hope you enjoy anyway.

We tried to get a cool sunset shot here:

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But I didn't think is had enough umph to it even after HDR.  I played around in picnik too.  Neat but not quite working and too far removed from the original.

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It's foggy out there this morning. Maybe I can make use of that in my daily for tomorrow.

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