Saturday, November 26, 2011

O'Kelly Chapel Christian Church

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I took this shot when Donnie and I drove around in the Jordan Lake area last Tuesday.  We went around the corner on Hwy. 751, and I saw the pretty church and asked Donnie to turn around so I could take a picture.  I processed 3 different sets of bracketed shots standing in various spots in front of the church, and we liked how this one turned out best because of the rusty roof and trees.  The church is rich with history as the historical marker above indicates.

We also stopped on Hwy. 751 to take a picture of this house?

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I don't have any more details on this setting.  It just caught our eye because of the cannon, stone wall, and picturesque setting.  There was a satellite dish off to the side and a car in the driveway, so it did seem like a residence.

One last shot from our Jordan Lake trip that I'd like to share.  It reminds me of the marina shots of Dan and Patti who I miss from our daily community family.

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I did make it into Wal-Mart and Kohl's for a few Black Friday deals.  Donnie was content to stroll through those stores with me mid-afternoon when the crowds had died down.  We saw a few guys in the parking lots waiting for their girls one of which was playing solitaire on his cell phone:-)  I thought of trying to capture some pictures of the day like that but was shy.

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