Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Old Homestead

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I took a few shots of the old homestead a few days ago.  I've take shots of it many times before.  I was just curious what it was looking like these days.  The light was so bad that I thought that the shots I took didn't have a chance of being worthwhile.  I took bracketed images just in case I wanted to pump them through Photomatix.   Below is the original devoid of color and life and detail. As you can see in the daily, Photomatix did a nice job of bringing out the best in the shot.

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Another new view:

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My favorite all time shot at this location:

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Isn't it amazing how different light and different sky on different days will causes Photomatix to process the shot so differently!

To be clear, I stand where I stand to take these views because of a fence.

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