Tuesday, October 18, 2011

West Point Mill on the Eno River

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I had yet another doctor's appointment yesterday.  It seems some days now that they will never end.  This one was short, and Don and the boys ended up over at West Point Mill on the Eno River to walk the trails.  I caught up with them afterward, and got to take a short trail walk too.  The water in the river was waaaaaay down.  Some of you may remember James Hill posting pics from this park and location.  Some of his were very good.

I'm sure in a few more weeks the shot I posted for my daily will have some more color in it.

The water wheel on the West Point Mill looks much different than the one on Yates Mill.

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I really like this pic of Johnny looking down on the Eno (hard to see water through the trees) and of the boys on the small bridge in front of the mill.

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Here Donnie and Johnny pretend to control the water flow at the dam.

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We're off to enjoy the NC State Fair today and hopefully have a 'normal' day.

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