Wednesday, October 19, 2011

NC State Fair Swing Ride

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It's NC State Fair week this week, and Donnie, the boys, and I went yesterday afternoon/evening.  The fair isn't an inexpensive outing, but it's always a lot of fun and real delight to me because of the joyful family times and the photo ops.  With Donnie there this year to run interference with the kids, I got a solid 20 minutes right at dusk to take pics of the spinning rides.  That was sweet.  The boys mostly enjoyed the various fun houses spread throughout the fairgrounds.  We spaced out rides inbetween enjoying things like the cake contest delicacies, photography entries, and kids' creative artwork display.  We enjoyed food samples like peanuts and pickles.  And we got a few of our favorite fair foods like corn dogs, ice cream, and pizza (no fried Oreos for us).  I have quite a few pics I'd like to share, but I'll start with just a few today and probably share more tomorrow.

Collage of spinning ride shots from this year.  Which do you like best?

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Collage of best 'us' shots at the fair:

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Me, Christine, and Joey while Christine was pregnant with Madi from 2003:

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Analee said...

i love your swing photos. they are amazing!