Saturday, October 1, 2011

Mr. Lizard

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I went on a 20 minute walkabout in my yard yesterday and came away with the pictures in this post. None are particularly great yet I really like the light in some of them.

Of course the daily shot is of an anole lizard taken in my yard on the trunk of an American Holly tree. I liked the bokeh to the left of the tree.

I probably like best the rainbow burst of light shot which is cropped about 1/4 of the original frame and filtered for noise with Noiseware, but I wasn't sure if it had broader appeal to anyone but me.  I think water drops on the American Holly leaves generated the spectrum of light.

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I continue to see many of these Crab-like Spiny Orb Weaver spiders in my yard.

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They hydrangea bush by my front door continues to delight.  Madi's dad, Danny, gave me this bush several years ago, and it's thriving.  In the spring it's a beautiful blue then it fades to a pinkish purple and in the winter it still delights as a tan with fanlike texture to the petals.  A real joy to see every day.

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Just a focus on the hydrangea and then UP.  I loved the light filtering through the trees.

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