Thursday, September 29, 2011


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Stopping in 'the field' for a few minutes each morning after dropping the kids off at school is addictive for me this time of year.  I just can't pass up the morning glories, butterflies, and beautiful light.  I am seeing a lot of sulphur butterflies, but they move so fast and rarely stop to perch, so I haven't gotten many pics.  Yesterday, however, this skipper (probably a Zabulon Skipper )  was kind enough to pose for me.  I really liked how the dark purple morning glory looked set against the yellow ragweed, and when the skipper landed while I was already taking pics, that was even better.

Here's a collage including some other morning glory shots that I liked. It's a little harder to get a nice background now that the tobacco leaves have been picked.  But, I can maneuver the rows better now.  I've been watching for snakes and haven't seen any:-)

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In B&W just to see...

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Madi's mom called me over for a brief visit yesterday which turned into a photo shoot of Evan and Andrew.  Who can resist their cuteness.  They are not brothers, but they are quite close in age and were adopted form the SPCA of Wake County  just a few weeks ago.  I'm sure they will be featured as a daily some day.

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