Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

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I think it's going to be tradition each fall to take a pumpkin patch photo. Several weeks ago, I realized that this field had pumpkins in it,  and I've been watching them develop ever since. Earlier this week, workers hauled about 30 pumpkins out of the field. I wanted to stop and get pics that day of the men and their teamwork to lift and move the heavy pumpkins, but it was extra cloudy and drizzling and I didn't stop because I didn't think I could get a quality shot. But, on the way home from school with the kids today , I decided that today was the day to try to get a shot. I took nearly every image as a bracketed series so I could use Photomatix on them. The shot I originally thought would 'the' one I ended up not liking as well as the one I posted as my daily.  I grew to really like the pine tree on the right of the daily photo shot and missed it not being in this image.

The crop today is 16X10.  I just liked the wider view without shooting a wide shot.

I hope you don't mind the humor in my daily photo;-)  Without the humor.  I feel like it's one of those childrens' books where you have to spot the difference.

Here's a pano created from 3 images (well 9 total) that were tonemapped prior to pumping them through Microsoft ICE.

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Do you have any pumpkin fields near you?  Will you be picking out the biggest, fattest, spookiest or best pie making pumpkin this year?  The kids and I will definitely be looking for just the right ones to carve.

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Last year's shot:

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They didn't plant pumpkins in this field this year so good thing I got this shot last year:-)

The humor in the daily shot was added using a brush set (.abr file installed in PSE7) that I downloaded for free off the internet.  Set #2 on this page.  The designer.

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