Sunday, September 4, 2011

Glistening in the Noonday Light

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I took a ride down my favorite dirt road, John Adams,  yesterday.  In any season, there is always something interesting to take a picture off.  I heard a red-tailed hawk but never did see him.  The swampy area was very low on water as you would expect in September, but there were still a few dragonflies.  I saw several wildflowers that I thought were very pretty too.  The tiny size and delicate look of the blooms on some of them amazes me.  This collage shows a picture of the  best of what I saw:

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I thought the triangular tri leaf composition on the lower middle was really interesting.

The grapes are from Adams Vineyards.  I hope to go back when the light is better!

Also noticed that the kudzu flower is blooming right now.  If you don't look close, you'll miss it, but kudzu does have a flower:

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I really appreciated Donnie being willing to accompany me on my photo trek yesterday and the good volleyball and dinner with the Kidd family too.  These are the shots that warmed my heart yesterday:

This video is a real winner IMHO too:

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Kara said...

Wonderful shots! I hadn't noticed a kudzu flower before, so thank you for posting it!