Thursday, September 8, 2011

Bitterweed (or Yellowdicks or Bitter Sneezeweed)

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This yellow flower is growing in all the fields in my area in central North Carolina (NC) right now. This shot was taken early yesterday morning when it was a bit cloudy out. Just as well to give this shot a bit of a softer and dreamy feel.

Apparently if cows eat this week their milk can taste bitter.

A continuing shot in my unofficial series of things that grow beside a tobacco (or corn or soybean) field:-)

Hoping the sun comes out today. We're at the point in the year where it takes a while after I get up to tell. Missing those mornings where the sun was already up when I got up. 64 degrees here this AM. The humidity is gone. No temps over 90 degrees in the 7 day forecast and night temps in the 60s too. Fall is coming!

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