Sunday, August 21, 2011

What am I?

Any idea what this is?

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If you're not sure, it's the chrome/grill from this 1959 Corvette:

I went to the Capital City Car Show in downtown Raleigh yesterday. They cars lined up in the Convention Center (which I didn't look at) and outside on the Fayetteville Street Mall (which I walked completely). Great turn out. Reasonable temps. Awesome cars. FUN! To get a feel for the size of the outside part of the show, look here:

The cars went all the way to the Capital building.  This is the same route the kids and I walked during the St. Patrick's Day parade.

I saw a few Cadillacs and thought of Carole and Larry and the Caddy's I used to drive. This is a 1964:

As I was shooting, I was definitely thinking about how Lgood takes her car show shots and tried to apply some of what I like about her style to my shots.

I went with my friend, Don, and he knew a lot about the cars, so it was really fun hearing about what I was seeing. I used to drive a 1966 and then 1976 Cadillac in my high school/college years, so the car show brought back my own memories too. My 1976 Caddy was affectionately called The Klingon Battle Cruiser since it had a 126" wheel base:-)

Don took a few shots with his iPod Touch and finessed one of them using Picnik in Picasa.

1951 Ford F-1 with neon filter.   Don's Picasa album is here.

My favorite reflection shot of us during the day:

I have a gallery of the event featured on my homepage and here.

I may share another car show shot tomorrow. I had a few that I liked.

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