Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Inner Glory

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I took this shot Monday earlier in the day than I took yesterday's butterfly shot.  Just another morning glory on the side of a tobacco field.  I love how these flowers seem to have an inner glow.  You might think that I used pp on this, but the only thing I did was remove a few pollen spots.  The color is as it was shot.

Yesterday's butterfly shot is a tough act to follow.  I find it interesting that the most popular picture on my SmugMug site is this butterfly shot that I took last summer at Porter Farms and Nursery.

I wonder what today will bring.  Hurricane Irene seems to be heading more east all the time which is a huge relief.  Out to sea!  For those that might have missed, VA had an earthquake yesterday.  Yes, Virginia!  I did not feel it down in Raleigh, but I have friends and coworkers that did.  How odd!

Here are a few more morning glory shots from Monday for you to enjoy...

I'm thinking I might could turn the shot below into a more artsy shot with a high key feel.  Maybe I'll find time to fool with it some more.

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