Tuesday, August 23, 2011


On the way in from picking up the kids at school yesterday, I swung into the local produce stand, Porters, to pick up some onions and fresh yellow squash. I love having veggies so easily accessible. I also love having such great photo ops there too. There are 6 or more of these huge light orange/yellow butterfly bushes, and they are always covered in some kind of butterfly. Today, this bush had 3 swallowtails zooming all over it, and I spent several minutes snapping away. This is my favorite of the bunch although there were a few close seconds.

The boys were pretty content...fresh lemonade with maraschino cherries and a slice of orange:-)

I was trying some frozen pictures again yesterday.  They didn't turn out as expected/hoped.  This B&W conversion of one of them was about the best of the bunch I thought:

Joey and making banana brownies using his Nintendo 3DS and a Cooking Trainer game:

I love his smile (and his food).

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