Thursday, August 25, 2011

Black Eastern Tiger Swallowtail

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I was back at Porter Farms and Nursery yesterday, twice, trying to take another butterfly shot worth sharing with you guys. Things didn't seem to click as good as they had on Monday. Of the two or three shots that I got that I liked, the wing was well focused, but the head/eye was not. I suspect I'll go back today to try again although right now we are quite cloudy.

I have doctored this up from the original quite a bit:

Another shot from yesterday that I pp'ed and liked:

This shot of the butterfly in flight I also liked:

Of course I wish I had gotten the flight more centered in the frame and sharper but I think it represents the quick flight between the flowers of a butterfly pretty well.

An open wing shot of this pretty butterfly:

This clearwing moth was also on the butterfly bush:

as was this Pearl Crescent Butterfly (I think):

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Major Mom said...

I just published by "baby" bird pictures from this morning. I'm ALWAYS mixing up the assorted swallowtail butterfly species:

Those caterpillars never survived -- the bluebirds helped themselves...