Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Warp Speed!

A pp'ed version of this shot of Madi taken at Marbles Kids Museum on Saturday:

Some of you on the dailies may remember this shot of the same window and Johnny from last summer:

The concept that I had for the original shot was to make Johnny look like he was in the window on the Millennium Falcon traveling very quickly in space. I figured out this time how to 'warp' the background. Basic pp'ing for today's shot:
Duplicate the main layer
Gradient map filter to duplicate
Posterize filter to duplicate
Glowing edges filter to duplicate
Duplicate pp'ed layer
Apply a radial blur (to the side) to duplicate
Duplicate pp'ed radial blur layer
Make sure layers are in order of radial blur, non radial blur, radial blur, original
Start erasing the window parts from the radial blur top layer that's over the non radial blur layer
Fix - Select from radial blur layer, layer new copy, order to top, erase as necessary
Link erased layer and non radial blur layer
Shrink linked layers to fit over bottom radial blur layer
Add line frame around linked layers and turn the color green

It's not perfect, but I did the best I could with the erasing and about 90 minutes of time working on it. Hopefully Madi enjoys being Captain for a day:-)

Carolina Wren shot from yesterday:

Dragonfly shot:

Lego bricks rule at our house right now!

Johnny is doing a great job putting together the Cars 2 sets.

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