Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Guardian of the Pond

Just a quick dragonfly shot I grabbed walking between Madi's house and my house yesterday. After yesterday's vivid pp, I've left this one untouched today. You can safely drink your coffee over breakfast or sip your afternoon tea;-)

Here's the link to the picture on SmugMug in my Picture of the Day gallery.

I caught one of the first year cardinals being cute again:


This is really my favorite shot of the day. Kindof so ugly he's adorable I think. Pretty sure this is going to be a male. By fall he should be all red including the beak

An adorable Tufted Titmouse:

Johnny is going to town building his Cars 2 Lego set! His favorite is of course building the cars, but he started on the pit stalls last night too. I'm really proud about how he's following directions and how long he's staying on task.

 Joey was using Blaze as a pillow as he read last night. Geronimo Stilton for those that want to know:-)

You'll appreciate the Joey is using many of the pics I've taken as part of his first homework assignment of the a collage about himself. He still needs to write in some labels on the project. Last night he cut out and used glue dots to apply the pics. I encouraged him to 'cut up' the pictures to give it a kid and random sort of feel.

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