Sunday, July 31, 2011

Happy Birthday Boy!

Loving the smiles both boys have on their faces as Johnny opened his presents at home yesterday. Johnny is 7! Joey is proud because he helped pick out the Cars cars in the present bag and to then 'wrap' them.

Johnny kissing Joey he's so happy too:

The boys spent quite a good while playing with the color change cars and the new Ramone 'water' Garage.  The color change cars, Toys"R"Us has exclusive rights to the ones for Cars 2, have been one of the best toys ever for the boys.  At 72 degrees, the cars change from one color to another.  Ice water in one bowl and hot water in another bowl had them changing back and forth easily.  I got my kitchen floor cleaned too:-)

Collage from the party at Marbles:

I'm kindof partial to the shot Madi took of me and Johnny:-)

Madi was just adorable with her special wrapping paper:

I'd call the day a success. I think Johnny felt special on his special day.

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