Friday, August 5, 2011

Love Melts the Coldest Heart

Here's the link to the picture on SmugMug in my Picture of the Day gallery.

There's a bit of s story here. I went to my neighborhood Food Lion grocery store about 5 months ago and came home with my groceries and a free dozen roses. At that store, when the flowers expire, they give them away. In this case, the roses were still looking great. After I got home and put them in a vase, I got to thinking that I'd like to freeze one in water and take pics of it on a future day. I remember last winter one of the daily folks (very sorry can't for sure remember who) posted a shot of an outside real by nature frozen rose, and I was very interested in doing something similar. Little chance of a real frozen rose here in Raleigh! So I got out a cheap fish bowl and put the rose in water. Oops! Won't stay in the water. Floats on top. Problem! I cut a piece of cardboard for the stem to go through and used a combination of a huge puddle of hot glue and a few rocks to get the rose to stay in the middle and upside down. It wasn't trivial! As time passed, it looked cool every time I would open the freezer, but it just wasn't the right day to try the shots. I don't know why at midday yesterday in 95 degree heat in full sun I decided it was THE time. Go figure. One of my issues had been what to put under the glass/ice and would I really break the glass and how. Here is one of the results of that shoot.

Another that I liked:

The original red rose shot:

I cropped a bit and adjusted the colors some plus adding the text and frame.

Thanks to my friends Don and Christine for talking over possible titles and slants on how to package and prepare one or more of these shots. We were thinking frozen memories or freezing passion or something along the lines of a failed romance for a while but then spun the warm red into something positive.

A collage showing the set-up:

 Yes, those are shirts I actually wear:-) When you're short on colored fabric, raid the closet!

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