Sunday, July 10, 2011

Splashing in Paradise

A fountain style splash area in a strip style shopping mall in Destin, FL. Although I had quite a few shots of individual and groups of kids with water and smiles on their faces, I really liked the sky, palms, and symmetry of this shot.

This little girl was so cute!

During the drive to/from Destin, we got to see one of those planes that carries the advertising banners drop his banner. A fascinating process of how they detach and then reattach banners to the plane without landing:

We had dinner at Beach Monkey Bar and Grill on Navarre Beach and really enjoyed that last night followed by a walk out on the new pier built after hurricane Ivan destroyed the previous one. We saw our first sea turtle outside of an aquarium:

It was neat how the fish were swimming on his back.

What a great view from the pier too!

A 'lucky' fisherman on the pier caught this big fish (somewhat graphic):

 We head home today after a wonderful time with friends and a fun-filled week!

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