Friday, July 15, 2011


When we were in Florida last week staying with our friends The Vollmer Family, we also enjoyed the family pet Howie. He helped us to get through missing our dogs Blaze and Buddy. One night during dinner prep, Howie sat up against the white cabinets in the kitchen and sat very pretty. I know it's hard to get a shot of a dog with dark fur, but the white cabinets looked like they would help him to stand out, so I grabbed the camera. After using OnOne's Focal Point to blur the cabinets, I also used the clone brush to blend them out even more. Maybe I should have gotten rid of the rug too, but at the time I worked this, I didn't. There's a PhotoFrame texture over the picture and of course I added the dog print font for his name too. The family was pleased with the shot I think.

Here's the original:

Yesterday, Joey played with Lego bricks and a labyrinth game on the floor.  Blaze did a good job keeping him company:

She's another dog with dark fur that's hard to get a good shot of.  Makes me wish we had white cabinets:-)

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Major Mom said...

Thanks so much for this lovely picture and props to our Howie-the-Wonderdog! :-)