Monday, July 11, 2011

Captains Johnny and Joey

The crew on the Boeing 737 we flew on yesterday from Atlanta to Raleigh were awesome! They let Johnny and Joey both sit in the cockpit and gave them wings and a plane trading style card. As you can see by those smiles, they were both super excited! I originally just had my cell phone camera available but quickly got out the real camera and am so glad I got to take these shots.

Joey upper left. Johnny lower left. Johnny is the one that said hi to the flight crew on every plane and charmed them with his smile.

I took the airplane shot as our plane pulled up to the gate, so that is the plane the boys later sat 'up front' in. 

We're home and safe and trying to settle back into some sort of a routine. The boys are tracked out of their year round school for 3 more weeks before going back 8/1 to start the next school year.

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Major Mom said...

This absolutely MELTS my heart! I'll need to share it with my mother-in-law...I wonder if she'd try the same thing next week with our boys. Like I'd said, I didn't realize pilots could bring the kids up front after 9/11.

I'm so incredibly glad they can -- one step closer to J&J being a pilot or aeronautical engineer when he grows up!