Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Birds

It was a dreary, cold, and wet day in NC today. So the boys' pleads to go to Lake Wheeler were met with suggestions to go build something with Lego bricks.

The boys and I had been planning to make pine cone, peanut butter, and wild birdseed 'feeders' for the birds all week, so we did those this morning. Gotta love peanut butter on little kid fingers:-) Hopefully the birds will get some and not just our squirrel birds.

Midday, it was leftover chicken soup followed by chocolate-dipped bananas. Yum!

Later in the day, I was in my office trying to regroup when Joey showed up out of the blue with the drawing of the cardinal. I was really touched. He went on to draw a blue heron and red headed woodpecker and several other birds of his imagination. Neat!

The rest of today's pics are here.

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