Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Birds and Snow - A Good Combination

It doesn't snow often at our house in NC, and when it does, we're sure to get extra activity at the bird feeders. Sometimes, we even see birds that we normally don't see.

The picture above is a pine sisken. I took it out my office window. He's on the river birch just to the left. I see this guy at the feeder most days, but the snow really dressed him up for that picture.

There are 4 good before and after bird shots here including the pine sisken.

The picture below is a juvenile female yellow-bellied sapsucker. Try saying that fast 3 times. It took me and a friend several e-mail exchanges before she finally figured out what this bird was! It's hard enough to memorize all the adult versions of the birds let alone add in juveniles.

Now, the picture below is terrible quality, but I think it's worth mentioning that I also saw a Northern Flicker a few miles from the house yesterday near my favorite barn/homestead. This picture was taken near dusk from a distance of at least 250 feet.

The Northern Flicker was in the tree just to the left of the barn.

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