Friday, January 16, 2009

More Gravity Racers

Joey asked earlier in the week if he could make another race car. We decided Friday night would be a good time to do it. It would give Rick enough time to cut out the body and wheels of the cars and me enough time to pull together some decorating supplies. And, we could all do it together.

Joey kept talking about it, asking if it was time yet...just very excited.

Finally, it was time! We tried to follow the body and wheel construction just like we did at the Gravity Racter workshop that we went to at the Museum of Life and Science in Durham two weekends ago. Steve Gerberich did a great showing us how to do the wheels and motivating the kids at the workshop.

Johnny decided he wanted to make McQueen and went straight for the red tube which I had included in with the 'stuff' not realizing how vital it would be for his car. I helped him decide that mounting it horizontal was the way to go. He picked the clothes pins as lightning stripes on the side and even glued on McQueen's eyes. There's a red popsicle stick and a green fan-shaped bead coming out the front, and per Johnny, that is McQueen's engine:-)

Joey decided on a blue bowling ball car. He was more into drawing than gluing today. He did add a cockpit and some fire (corks) coming out the back of the car.

Mom built a snow mobile car. I guess I'm just not happy that the holidays are over, and it ended up looking like a Christmas ornament. I was going for looks. It won't win any races sticking up so high.

I guess Joey's was fastest, but hard to truly tell.

We all had a good time, and Joey only slightly burned his fingers on the hot glue a few times;-)

I have a feeling more of these machines are in our future.

The rest of the pics including all the drilling and gluing are here.

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