Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Smiles of Snow

It started snowing Monday night while we were all sleeping. By 4AM, there was a dusting. By 6AM, there was enough to get excited about. And, it snowed and kept on snowing until finally the sun thought about coming out late afternoon. Final tally at our house...6 inches. Woooo! Hoooo!
I think snow brings out the little kid in all of us. And, there's nothing more endearing than the smile kids wear on a snow day...especially when it's their first snow.
I took a lot of pictures today...a sure sign of a good day for me. We were outside sledding for 60-90 minutes twice. Both outtings were followed by hot chocolate. Mom took bird pictures out her office window. Late afternoon, the boys and I made a snowman. Well, it was more of an iceman, but it's got a hat, scarf, etc. thus fulfilling the snowman criteria in the boys' eyes. I rolled the slush in the street to make the balls because the snow just wouldn't pack.
Temps are forecast to rise above freezing tomorrow. So, unfortunately, the snow won't last long. But, it sure was nice while it lasted.
Today's best morning pics are here. All the morning pics are here.
This afternoon's pics are here.

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