Monday, August 4, 2008

Kindergarten and the Bus

It's official, Joey got on the bus for his first full day of kindergarten around 8:50 this morning. He was up at 7:20 very excited and kept trying to put on his bookbag and go to the bus stop. I kept on explaining that we had an hour then 45 minutes then 30 minutes then... Finally it was time to go

and he left me in his wake walking up to Uncle Bruce's stop sign (well, it is on the corner of Bruce's yard so we figure it's his and thankfully it's very close to our house) to wait. The bus came about when I expected it to. There weren't any other kids at the stop today; they must be tracked out because usually there are other kids. He wasted no time getting on. He's fine. I'm a little choked up:-) It's the start of a new era.

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