Saturday, August 9, 2008

Nature at the Museum

The kids and I were back at the Museum of Life and Science in Durham again today:-) Aunt Debbie was with us today, and I headed us out back so that we could see some of the exhibits that we didn't get to last time. We still managed to miss the bears because of the abundance of cool wildlife in the wetland area and mom's desire to take pictures. At one time, there was a Great Blue Heron, a hawk, and a Green Heron not to mention a zillion dragonflys (including red ones) and lots of turtles. I just can't say enough about how nice a job the museum has done to build the wetland area and to attract a nice variety of wildlife for everyone to enjoy.

I think the butterfly is a Viceroy. That's the first picture of one of those that I've taken.
The kids had fun today too. The water exhibit continues to be a thrill. Even Aunt Debbie got in on the act. I always have to coax the kids to move on! Sometimes the 'dirt' pile near the animal exhibits seems to be the kids' favorite thing. Ya know, kids love dirt! Joey sailed a sailboat again while Johnny played nearby with the other boats 'in the wind'. At both the wolf and lemur exhibits, Joey had fun moving the camera to track the animals. Johnny also had a great butterfly experience in the butterfly house today too!

All the pics are here.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting your photos. They're fantastic!

The wetlands are my favorite spot at the museum. The next time you're there, be on the look out for Greg Dodge. He's a ranger (bushy gray beard) and he's a wealth of information about the insects and wildlife in the wetlands and Catch the Wind. Just ask him if he's seen anything interesting that day... it's what I always do and I learn something from every conversation we have.