Sunday, July 27, 2008

We can't get enough...

...of the Museum of Life and Science in Durham. The boys and I have a membership, so it's an easy decision when the boys ask to go to the museum. We arrived around 12:30 today and basically closed the place at 5PM. Joey wanted to do the Kapla blocks first, so we stayed inside for a while. But, our train ride was at 2PM, so we headed outside to play and see the animals before our ride. The boys were quite thrilled with the water area as you can see from the pics. I didn't mind them getting wet until they started sitting in the little 'stream' between the top and bottom parts of the exhibit. Then I had to pull them away. The train ride was great like usual. You'll see how much fun they had screaming in the tunnel. We pretty much timed the whole day around being in the butterfly house at 3PM when they release the butterflies. We were not disappointed today. Joey got to hold a butterfly, and the one that got put on his hand stayed for over 5 minutes. Wow! Johnny tried too, but I have to be more careful with his curiosity. There is a new Carolina butterfly tent off the main building that showcases native butterflies. It's definitely worth a look see. Johnny was so excited by the butterflies today that he picked out a small butterfly stuffed animal:-) By then it started to thunder pretty loudly, so we headed back to the main building instead of the wind and sailboat area. Bummer, but next trip I promise! We finished up by going through the rest of the inside exhibits.
All the pics are here.
The best pics are here.


Michael said...

Kapla blocks are amazing, eco-friendly and safe. You can find them at Landbridge Toys

Jeff Stern said...

Thanks for supporting the Museum through membership, and through blogging about all the fun you had!

Let me know the next time you plan to come, and I'll leave a special "thank you" for you at the front desk!

jeffs [at] ncmls [dot] org