Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Meet the School Boy

Joey had his first day of kindergarten yesterday. Actually, it was a full day assessment and his first class day starts next Monday (8/4). But, I dropped him off with all his stuff, he was there all day, etc.
He picked out a Batman backpack, a Spiderman lunchbox, a Speed Racer towel for rest time, and Cars themed notebooks and folders. GO FIGURE! I'm sure if we'd run into Star Wars or Lego stuff that would have been in the mix too.
All went well he said. He talked about a new friend named Sydney and enjoying building with smiley face blocks. He looks forward to trying the square pizza and their mashed potatoes and gravy. He said the playground was fun and that they went in the gym where they had a climbing wall for a few minutes. He was fascinated with the sink complete with water fountain that's right in his classroom. He just had trouble comprehending that it was nearly 4pm, day over, when I picked him up.
I think we're off to a good start:-) Way to go Joey!
I managed not to cry...I'd cried plenty on this subject before, so way to go Mom too!
Johnny was asking for Joey yesterday and very glad when he came home, so let's not forget that this is a big change for Johnny too.
Joey tracks out at the end of September for 3 weeks (he's on track 4) for his first break and is of course off for Labor Day.

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