Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Johnny's End of Year Certificate Ceremony

Rick, Joey, and I attended Johnny's End of Year Certificate Ceremony this morning. Some of you may remember that Johnny refused to let Rick drop him off at his classroom for the Thanksgiving program last November. To try to avoid that scene, we had Miss Sue meet us at the normal drop-off spot so that hopefully he would not feel like his routine was being altered. Unfortunately, he out smarted us out smarting him and got upset getting out of the van, but Sue coaxed him out and lead him to his classroom anyway.

The kids came in and lined up very nicely. Johnny gave us a huge smile when he saw us.

A few minutes into the ceremony, though, he almost burst into tears, and you could tell he really wanted to just come sit with us. We're so proud that he kept his place and got past that tough moment.

After Johnny settled back down, we got to see a lot of his tummy:-)

After the kids sang several songs, Miss Sue and Miss Mary gave out the certificates.

Below the kids are waiting patiently for the rest of the kids to get their certificates.

Once outside and reunited with his family, Johnny was all smiles again.

We filled him tummy and got pics with his teachers and with Mom and Dad.

This is Miss Sue. She had a great first year at RLP.

This is Miss Mary (we ought to call her Miss Clifford). She taught Joey two years ago and has been at RLP many years.

The rest of the pics from today are here.

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