Saturday, May 24, 2008

Fun with Pictures

I was really disappointed when I woke up early this morning to go yard saling only to discover light rain and clouds. I am so glad our drought has subsided, and typically I love rainy days. But lately, since I've become such a nature photography nut, I find myself turning the table a bit and longing for bright light days to take good pictures with. Cloudy days just are improssible to work with.

The boys and I headed out anyway, and we made a few yard sale stops, but the only picture I took was of a dead (spooky) looking tree. Clouds and black and white worked for that shot.

Around lunchtime, the clouds gave way to sun, and we headed out with time to spare for a birthday party in Cary. I made several stops along the way including a barn, railroad tracks, wheat, and balloons. At the railroad track stop, Joey was very excited to be my helper and touch a real railroad track.

Enjoy a few of the pics below and go here for the best pics of today.

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