Thursday, May 22, 2008

Joey's End of Year Certificate Ceremony

It was Joey's turn to 'graduate' today at preschool. I dropped him off at his class and saw that the kids were going to wear hand-made caps complete with tassle. How sweet!

There were more kids in the ceremony today and therefore more parents, so I didn't get to sit as close as I wanted. Still, I got plenty of pics and Joey was able to spot where Rick, Johnny, and I were sitting.

The first thing they did was put a slideshow of the kids up on the wall. Seeing the wonderful faces of the graduating kids got me crying right away. It just made them seem so grown up and the graduation so real.

The director, Miss Cheri, spoke about how great a year it had been and how well all the kids had done.

Then the kids came in and lined up and sang 4 songs for us. Joey was quite the ham singing right along and making lots of hand gestures.

Then it came time for the certificates. The teachers handed them out a class at the time with the Bears (Joey) and Penguins (Jacob) at the end.

We all feasted on a ton of good food afterward and said our goodbyes. Joey got his pic with Mom and Dad and with Miss Lori and Miss Joanne.

The rest of the pics are here. You'll notice Joey coping with standing still in one place by making some interesting faces:-)

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