Monday, May 19, 2008

Tissue Tea

I went to Johnny's preschool class around 11:30 today for a Tissue Tea. Basically, it gives the moms a chance to look back on the year and cry about their babies getting bigger. Johnny's teacher, Miss Sue, put together a picture and video slideshow on DVD showing lots of neat things the kids did during the year. It was about 25 minutes long and seriously a near tear jerker. Unfortunately, near the end of the DVD, the fire alarm went off. I think it was the construction on the new building that set it fire. We missed the end of the video, the kids were a little startled, and carpool got a late start, but everyone was fine, so that was good.

Today was Johnny's last school day, and tomorrow is Joey's last day. We go back Wednesday for Johnny's certificate ceremony, and we go back Thursday for Joey's certificate ceremony.

The rest of the pics are right after I got home with the kids. We were just clowing around in the driveway before I went to my office to work. I tell ya, I had to force myself to come inside it was so pretty.

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