Friday, February 1, 2008

A good night for a stir fry...

Here's my proud chef!

I felt like cooking tonight. What a concept! It's so much fun with two enthusiastic helpers. I was in Wal-Mart earlier, so I had what we needed to make a chicken broccoli stir fry.

Stir fry is a great meal to get the kids involved with because there are quite a few steps to do and therefore lots of opportunities to help.

Here's what we used plus a jar of mushrooms.

To start, both boys took turns chopping onions with my Pampered Chef chopper. We all love this tool. If I make the onions small enough, Joey won't refuse to eat his meal;-)

Joey set to work right away stirring the stir fry. He loves to get out that wooden spoon and go to town. He quickly donned the sunglasses to avoid the onion smell and steam. TOO CUTE!

Mom chopped the broccoli and added it for Joey to stir. (He liked chopping it small.)

Time to cut up and added the chicken.

Now time for the sauce.

Ready! Just serve over rice!!!


Rest of pics are here.


Major Mom said...

Looks like you guys like "well cooked" broccoli! In the Vollmer house, we cook the chicken first, then the broccoli. I guess it's an Asian thing -- the barely cooked broccoli...chicken and (crunchy) broccoli stir fry is also a big favorite among my boys and me.

It looked really good! I need to be good about adding onions -- I often forget.

Maryann Goldman said...

Let's just say that I didn't really intend for the broccoli to get mushy and leave it at that;-)

Don Miller said...

I guess I'll have to take pictures and post my stir fry.

So how long to you cook the chicken? I cook mine for 75 seconds in MW.