Sunday, January 27, 2008

New Bird Feeders

I'm excited. I have purchased 3 new bird feeders. There's a chrome one from Lowe's that Joey helped me pick out. There's a birdbath turned bird feeder from Home Depot. And, there's a cool globe-shaped feeder from Petsmart that I got on clearance and am super psyched about. I've rearranged what I had and added the new stuff and am all ready to take more bird pics! All the feeders have black oil sunflower seed in them except the suet feeder (red pepper suet) and the yellow feeder which has thistle seed (for the Gold Finches). I intend to get some of the smaller mixed seed and use it in one of the feeders...maybe the globe. I'm a little concerned that the new, chrome feeder will cause a glare in pictures...hope not. If so, I'll just rearrange. I am really getting into my birds and bird pics again:-)

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