Saturday, February 2, 2008

Eye of a Hawk

Debbie and I were out the door with the boys very early Saturday to go yard saling. However, it's a little early in the year for there to be many sales, and mostly we just enjoyed spending the morning together talking, taking the boys to Dunkin Donuts, and taking pictures of the sunrise and other interesting thing going on in nature.

We started off getting some nice shots of the sunrise. This is a tree behind Porter Farms produce stand.

Debbie saw an interesting 'long road' shot as we drove down Rock Service Station road and suggested that I go back and shoot it.

At the intersection of Old Stage Road and Rock Service Station Road, I turned around to go back and shoot this lovely reflection in the farm pond. The horse, white and red barns, and tree are great. The dog houses and blue tarp not so hot. Still, an interesting photo.

But, the crown jewel of the morning was this shot of a hawk that I took on John Adams Road. Unfortunately, it's a tad blurry, but still just awesome to catch a picture of him. As we pulled up to the spot where I previously saw a blue heron, I went real slow. Before anyone else saw him, I saw him. I told everyone to hush. Debbie was franticlaly looking for what it was I was so excited about. I carefully adjusted the camera and rolled down the window and got off about 9 shots before he flew. I was relieved but also wishing I'd had more to change the camera to spot focus. Oh well, still thankful for catching him at all.

The best of pics of the morning are here.

The entire morning album is here.

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