Sunday, January 27, 2008

Icee Addiction

It all started one innocent day when the Wal-Mart (WM) in Fuquay opened and I was pregnant with Joey. I was miserable, it was hot, and the snack bar had an Icee machine with Coke Icee in it. Now, I'm not sure how many times I ever had an Icee or slushy before. I'd definitely had daiquiris, mudslides, and other frozen concoctions, but maybe not Icees. I went in and got one. It's been a complete addiction ever since.

Saying that I get a Coke Icee every time I got to WM is not an exaggeration. By the time Joey and Johnny were both 9 months old, they were sipping right along with me. To my chagrin, they sometimes now choose red or blue (cherry or blue raspberry). I'm strictly a Coca-Cola girl;-)

Christine has told me several times lately that I've passed on the Icee addiction to Madi (and her) too. Oh well... Good things are worth sharing with friends.

When I was in Wal-Mart on Friday, Mr. Henry, the Blimpie's owner, gave me Icee Bear tatoos for the boys. They were so excited when I put them on this morning.

Now, when's the next time I get to go to WM? for an Icee? you?

Icee website


Don Miller said...

I loved the banana favor ICEE when I was a kid. I had my 1st ICEE the Summer of 1970. We moved into a new house in Montgomery, Alabama and there was a Pak-a-Sak (was bought by 7-Eleven) near by that sold ICEE. There was always have Coke on one side of the ICEE machine and some other favor that they changed on the other. I also like the Coke ICEE but would try the other favors. I believe they were 15 cents for a small and a quarter for a large.

I notice the ICEE web site says it's their 40th anniversary year. So I guess I was one of their early customers. Next time I'm at WM I'll get a small one. I bet it'll be as good after a run as it was on those hot summer bike rides. You should check out their site. It has fun and games for kids.

Major Mom said...

I had Icees on occasion as a kid, but what I remember fondly are the 7-Eleven SLURPEES. There used to be a panel attached to the bottom of the cup, and when you peeled the panel off, there was a surprise, on the order of a sticker, tattoo, or a holographic "collectors card" -- you know, like a picture of Daryl Strawberry (NY Mets) that changed as you wiggled it back and forth. Think Cracker Jack prizes...that's what would come at the bottom of a Slurpee. The flavors were similar to Icees, too.

No matter what the slush drink is called, red cherry will ALWAYS be my favorite, which BJ's always has in medium size for 99 cents!

Timmy now equates trips to BJs and Target with trips to get Icees. He also recently saw an Icee machine at the Subway inside the new Holly Springs WM.