Friday, January 4, 2008

You Know It's Cold in NC When...

You know it's cold when...

All the kids at the nearest bus stop are waiting for the bus in their parents' heated cars.

All the camelias have wilted leaves. Don't worry. They perk up as soon as the sun hits them.

Seriously, this dog walking thing at 7:30AM when it's 19 degrees out is nothing short of dedication.

Pictured is what REALLY cold really looks like. It was so cold in New Jersey in the winter of 1977 that the Delaware froze over! I had fun walking on the ice as Dad took pictures. Somehow I have this memory of Dad joking about taking the Pontiac out on the ice to test how solid it really was. Gulp! We had recently traded in the 68 for the 77. No way! The Delaware does not freeze over every year near Trenton! This was news even in NJ.

Bundle up this morning...again.

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Major Mom said...

Ya know, I was just thinking this morning about what a wuss I am complaining about a low of 18 here -- I've lived in Seoul, Korea for two of THEIR winters (a lot closer to Siberia than I thought!), when we'd go weeks at a time without it hitting the freezing mark! And the WIND, my goodness, I'm surprised I still have skin on my face.

Living in Florida for 3 years didn't help either.

Anyway, thanks for the reminders of what cold REALLY is!

Nebraska will be waiting for us with it's bitter chill!