Friday, January 4, 2008

Mommom's House Continued

I spent some time scanning in the shots I took on my trip to New Jersey over Christmas break in 1991.

I captured most of Mommom's house, my old neighborhood, the town near my childhood home, and the elementary school that I went to. I also have a few pics of a visit to see Barabara and John Szerszen and their son Douglas. Barbara and John lived across the street and were very good to me. Maybe by the 20 year anniversary of these pics I'll make it back up there and see how things have changed.

If you'll expand 'more info' on the right as you scroll through the pics in the album, you'll see detailed filename descriptions of what you're looking at vs. comments.

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Don Miller said...

That Blue Spruce. Did you and PopPop plan that?

You did real good back in 1991 taking those pictures. Now you can share them with your boys so they can see where Mom grew up. I'm going to attempt to return to a couple places in California where I grew up and take pictures if I can spot anything I recognize. Lots of stuff change in 45 years later...