Friday, January 4, 2008

Why I Like Rocks

When Dad had the house in Trenton built, he either told the builder to leave the big rock in the middle of the front yard, or they left it because it wasn't movable...not sure. Dad?

I LOVED that big rock growing up. I can't find a good picture of it, but there was the most beautiful mimosa tree next to it. You know, the tree with the pink feather flowers and the long seed pods. As you can see in the pic with my dog, Shawnee, I spent a lot of time just sitting on that rock thinking as a kid. The warmth of the sun would radiate off the rock in the spring and fall and feel so good.

Poppop, my mother's father, spent some time in Williamsport, PA working one year. We hauled home smooth round rocks to put around the foundation of the house in Trenton. They were pretty purples and reds. Wish we'd moved them.

When I moved into the house in Willow Spring, I was thrilled to find BIG rocks in the woods behind the house. I spent many a day going down to the creek a couple hundred yards behind the house and carrying, pushing, pulling...moving anyway that I could...big quartz rocks up to the main yard. It didn't matter that I had carpal tunnel. It didn't matter that it was uphill. It didn't matter that some of them were 100lbs. Sometimes I had to ask for help. Nobody quite understood my need to get the rocks up to the yard.

Here's a picture of the garage side pond right after I installed it in 1999. All the rocks around the pond came from the woods nearby.

Joey in September 2006. The rocks behind him are all from the woods too.

I'm still trying to fill some gaps in the line of rocks on the garage side of the house, so Debbie and I have come back from yard saling with rocks too (November 2007).

There's a big quartz rock lying on the side of the road on Kildaire Farm Road where they are expanding the road. If there was a place to park and a way I thought I could quickly lift it alone, it would be mine! Realistically, this one is too big and the area it is in is unsafe to stop in. But, the next time you see a big rock as you drive down the road, think of me, and if you can possibly stop and grab it, I'd love to have it;-)

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