Saturday, January 5, 2008

Stop and Enjoy the Butterflies

The boys and I went to the Durham Museum of Life Sciences today. We have a membership. The last time we were there was 9/1/2007. And, on 1/13/2007, we went with Patricia, Jacob and Timmy.
It's always a really fun time there. They have a great outside playhouse area including a fireman's pole. There's a red caboose to hang out in. If you're in the mood for sand, there's a sandbox complete with Tonka trucks. There's even an exhibit where the kids can make 'music'. My boys excel at that one!

You can also visit with some farmyard animals, ride the train, or visit the butterfly house. In the main building, you can learn about the space race (NASA stuff) or do a lot of neat scientific experiments.

Like I said, it's always a really fun time, and one of the hilights for us is always riding the train. The train engineer was kind enough to offer to take a pic of me with the boys.

I also took time today to build with the wooden blocks that they always have. Seems like we've never had time before. I found it to be quite relaxing, and the boys were enjoying watching me build. I had it going so good that I was laying down blocks with my left and right hands at the same time...FAST:-)

If you haven't been in a while (or ever), dontcha want to go now?

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