Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Green Heron

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I was back at Yates Mill today.  I just couldn't resist the allure of seeing the brown-headed nuthatch or indigo bunting again.  This time I took my dad's Canon 40D and a Tamron 300mm lens to see if I could get a better shot.  I am so disappointed to tell you that basically none of the images I took with dad's camera were any good.  The focus with that lens is bad even when I tried to switch to manual focus.  I thought I'd give it one more go...last time it didn't perform well either.  Thankfully I did take a few pics with my usual camera.  The one I posted for my daily originally started out as:

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I used Nix Color Efex Pro to adjust the contrast and then used OnOne's Focal Point (Perfect Resize) to enlarge the shot so that I could get away with cropping it quite close.

Although  I did see the brown-headed nuthatch and indigo bunting, this green heron caugh the attention of a fellow photographer and bird enthusiasts and soon we were totally into watching him.

I got this nice bluebird shot too.  There nest was in a log just to the right of my daily shot.  They were coming and going bring worms to their  young.

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I mentioned before that the pond level at Yates Mill is down due to repair work on the forebay to the water wheel.  Here is a picture showing the work that's going on.

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One more shot to calm your day...

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