Monday, May 5, 2014

Brown-Headed Nuthatch at Yates Mill

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I am trying to get at least 10K steps walking each day.  I'm using a Fitbit One to track my progress.  I am also trying to combine my love of photography and joy at seeing what's going on with the local parks along with walking the trails.  Today I went to Yates Mill, my favorite park/trail, and lucked into finding a brown-headed nuthatch nest in a tree cavity thanks to some help and discussion with other bird enthusiasts who were out on the back boardwalk.  I waited about 30 minutes in position to get the shot that I've posted as my daily.  I took the shot below early on and wanted a second chance to get a 'good' shot.  The nest was pretty far away...a stretch for my equipment, but I did the best I could onsite and pp'ing.  

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I also saw several indigo buntings, cardinals, and of course Canada Geese.  The blackberry and other white flowering shrubs are just opening up, and it looks like the tulip poplar flowers are about done for this year.

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According to the Yates Mill Facebook page, they should complete the waterwheel forebay repairs and refill the pond within a couple of weeks.  Cool, but it has created some interesting wildlife opportunities while the level has been down.

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