Saturday, April 12, 2014

A Trip to Raven Rock State Park

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This isn't the 'best' picture I took yesterday, but it is one of my favorites, and it expresses the true character of any trip to Ravn Rock State Park at least with the kids along for the hike.  They love climbing on the large rocks along the Cape Fear River shoreline.  It's dusty, and so getting your butt dirty becomes quite humorous.  They also loved to test out the echo chamber the rocks create.

 We did the Raven Rock Loop Trail which takes you to an awesome view of the Cape Fear River and rocky shoreline as well as to a scenic overlook which I really enjoy.  The map says it is 2.6 miles.  I am sure we walked at least 3.


The park has a new visitors center, and it's a good idea to talk to the park ranger to make sure you get on the trail you intend to see the views you want to see.  I have walked the 5 mile trail to the old dam area before, and that is gorgeous too.

The kids know this is a looooong walk, and they weren't necessarily gun ho about it, but they loved getting their feet wet in the creek, getting dirty on the rocky shoreline, posing for pics, and oh ice cream at Sunni Skies on the way home.  I plan another trip in October with the promise of ice cream then too:-)

I wanted the exercise and photo ops both nature and kid portraits. The light coming down through the newly open leaves was gorgeous as well as the dogwoods that are now blooming.

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We saw a very large rat snake and several varieties of pretty wildflowers too.  Johnny delighted in taking a bath in what he termed a natural shower where water was dripping down from the rocks.  It was near 80, so that really cooled him down.

Scenic Overlook view.

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Anoter view of the huge rocky area.

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Water dripping off rocks.

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Echo Video
Natural Shower Video

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