Wednesday, March 5, 2014


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Playing catch-up with my daily posts.  I missed yesterday.

I stopped into Kroger, a grocery store, this AM looking for a specific item on their organic foods isle.  I didn't find it.  Ordered it from Amazon.  As I was leaving, I found these vases lit up nicely in the floral department and took several pics with my iPhone.  I might would have taken out the real camera, but I was right smack dab in the middle of the front of the store and a clerk came over to ask if he could help.  "Thanks, but no.  I'm a photographer, and the pretty lit on those vases caught my eye so I stopped to take a few pics."  "Oh, OK, that's cool."

Yesterday, Joey and Johnny were out of school due to ice.  Well, we didn't have much ice at our house, but there was enough ice north of us in our county to cause the buses to be parked.  As it turned out, he did 2.5 hours on Khan Academy using JavaScrip to learn programming.  I felt he almost got in a full school day.

In the afternoon, Johnny went with me to run errands and get groceries.  We saw these Americn chicks at Tractor Supply.  I thought it was a tad early.  Guess not.

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At the thrift store, Johnny found this cool John Deere hat to match the shirt he had on.  He's so cute and handsome!

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