Thursday, March 6, 2014


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I found out last week that my 14 year old dog, Blaze, has bone cancer in her left front leg.  Of course, we are all heartbroken.  She's on good pain meds, and we've seen her get quite perky these past few days. For the first time in a while, she's shown real interest in food, greeted me at the door, begged for treats, hung out in the kitchn waiting for food to fall, and even barked and jumped at a stray cat out the window. We'll keep her comfortable on the pain meds as long as we can...  Meanwhile, of course I am taking some extra pictures of her with and without the boys.  She cannot stand, well HATES, my camera.  I guess she's afraid of it.  She does a tad better with my iPhone.  I took these pics of her yesterday afternoon, and she was definitely giving me the look RE my camera...sigh. Still, I'm happy for the shots and the eye contact.

I didn't want to use a flash, and she stood up in this one, so it's blurry, but I liked the less tense face.

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Here's the stray kitty.  I labeled him/her gray panther kitty.  I guess we'll refer to him/her as Panther. Gotta love those intense eyes.  Even though I put food out for him/her, he runs off immediately if any of us goes outside.  Sometimes he/she runs off even if he just spots us looking out of the window at him.  Oh well.  Our Kitty has seen him/her a few times and is not pleased with the interloper.  I wish I knew if this cat was 'fixed' or not.  I may have to try to catch him/her and get that done.  While he/she is welcome to hang out in the yard, we don't want to create homeless kittens.

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