Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snow and Ice

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We had over 5" of snow yesterday. It started falling around 11:30AM and went strong until late afternoon when it changed over to sleet and freezing rain. We woke up this morning to a real winter wonderland and we have even more sleet and snow falling now. Luckily the ice accumulation has been pretty but not enough to cause very many power outages. We sure hope it stays that way.

I grabbed Johnny for a walk to the Carroll Howard Johnson Environmental Park this AM. We are able to get to it by walking through out woods back toward town. We saw all kindof neat things along the way including several places where deer had bedded down overnight, walked, and used the bathroom. You can't hide in snow! We didn't see any actual deer today, though. I'm sure we sounded like a herd of elephants walking through the snow.

I stopped to take a bunch of pics of foliage with ice on it. And Johnny was very cute, so I got quite a few shots of him studying the ice. He was excited to smell the pine where limbs had fallen and to check out how the ice coated various objects. He may be out of school today, but he did learn a few things in the woods. Hands-on learning is great!

Will we sled before this is all over. Maybe. For now I'm content to watch the snow coming down and the birds out my kitchen windows.

From upper left clockwise:
1. Part of a hummingbird feeder. Thought the icy spiral was very cool.
2. Johnny on a large rock formation in the woods.
3. Icy foliage in the park.
4. Johnny beside an icy pine tree.
5. Icy pine needles.
6. S curve in the creek in the park.
7. Icy red leaf in the park.
8. Frozen dogwood bud in our yard.
9. Deer footprint.
10. Another snowy view of the creek in the park.
Center is more icy foliage in the park.

Here is where the deer had bedded down.

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Another shot I loved.  Those curly Q's were fascainating!

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And another close-up of the spiral.

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